Misty Morning Under Tall Trees

December 06, 2016
After months of blue skies and bright sun, the winter light has turned the bold landscapes of fall into a palette of grey, black and white. Something exhilarating, though...
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December 05, 2016
It all takes time. After year and a half without a dog, Willa appeared. Highly emotional and completely adorable, peppery, canny, scrappy and semi-obedient, I think she's...
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Food photography

September 15, 2016
I took an online food course this summer to expand my plant-based repertoire and explore food photography. So everything I cooked had lots to do with colour balance, comp...
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When I saw the view

August 17, 2016
High tide on the Annapolis with just a sliver of salt marsh showing beneath wide open skies. "O beautiful for spacious skies," wrote Katherine Lee Bates from a Colorado...
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Front lawn visitor, snowshoe hare

June 29, 2016
This has been a prolific year for snowshoe hares. I often see two or three grazing in our front yard along side their leverets. Without a dog in the house I've been able...
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