Why I Photograph Landscapes

January 04, 2017
Nature has been a friend and inspiration to me all my life, from the time I read Hans Anderson’s fairy tales as a child, to early explorations along the Platte River, to...
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That's the Spirit!

January 01, 2017
It’s the delight of someone else’s helpless mirth. Unplugged laughter makes something communal happen, it shares the energy in the mirth. Janina is the light source and h...
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Misty Morning Under Tall Trees

December 06, 2016
After months of blue skies and bright sun, the winter light has turned the bold landscapes of fall into a palette of grey, black and white. Something exhilarating, though...
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December 05, 2016
It all takes time. After year and a half without a dog, Willa appeared. Highly emotional and completely adorable, peppery, canny, scrappy and semi-obedient, I think she's...
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Food photography

September 15, 2016
I took an online food course this summer to expand my plant-based repertoire and explore food photography. So everything I cooked had lots to do with colour balance, comp...
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