Why I Photograph Landscapes

August 18, 2016


Nature has been a friend and inspiration to me all my life, from the time I read Hans Anderson’s fairy tales as a child, to early explorations along the Platte River, to present day hikes through the forests, hillsides and seascapes of Maritime Canada. And the redemptive power of a natural landscape moves through most of the work I make.


Why do I photograph landscapes? Because the process throws me into full receptive mode. When I am relishing a scene, I am completely aware of where I’m standing, what I’m wondering at and nurturing. I'm focusing on light, shadow, texture and composition and trying to imagine all these multiple elements as a cohesive, consistent whole.

Spring TreesSpring Trees

But then there are those, "flash of perception moments" when all the elements are aligned in one stark moment.

New Year's Eve MarshNew Year's Eve Marsh

Like in the light and colour of a perfect sunset . . .

Wind BreakWind Break

Or the symmetry of a line of trees against the red earth.