When I saw the view

August 17, 2016

_MG_0882 (1)_MG_0882 (1)

High tide on the Annapolis with just a sliver of salt marsh showing beneath wide open skies.

"O beautiful for spacious skies," wrote Katherine Lee Bates from a Colorado hotel room in 1859. She had traveled by mule cart to Pikes Peak earlier in the day. There, the skies, with their "sea-like expanse" inspired the poem "Pikes Peak."  The lyrics were later set to music and called "America the Beautiful." In 1910 the song was paired with the composition "Materna."

I'm a long way from Pikes Peak, yet I feel the same rush when photographing this sky reflection along a trail near home. Like Bates, "When I saw the view, I felt great joy."