Tobella's Pond, late January

January 24, 2016
Tobella's Pond, late JanuaryTobella's Pond, late January
A few years back, a colony of beavers created a pond around a stream bed and wetlands situated near the eastern side of our property. The now named Tobella's Pond currently contains three dams and two lodges. One of the wonders of watching a beaver pond evolve is seeing how it expands the habitat for a range of waterfowl. For the past couple of years, a pair of wood ducks have nested there and this spring I spotted green-winged teals and ring-necked ducks feasting on the vegetation along the banks and heard soras in the distance. In the winter, when the light is at a certain angle, usually around 4:30 pm, the pond takes on various shades of blue and amber. The reflections of alder tree branches create a fluid symmetry. Thus the photo above.
Wood duckWood duck
  Wood Duck, June
  Ring-necked DuckRing-necked Duck
  Ring-Necked Duck, July
Green-winged TealGreen-winged Teal
Green-Winged Teal, July