Butterfly Rainforest

March 11, 2014

The Butterfly Rainforest inside the University of Florida's Museum of Natural History is a place of pure, wide-eyed wonderment. Here, hundreds of butterfly species float through a lush garden of tropical plants over waterfalls and turtle ponds. Beneath and above the understory small exotic birds preen themselves or bathe in ceramic bowls. Below are just a few of the garden's species.

Butterflies The Paper Kite, Rice Paper, or Large Tree Nymph butterfly (Idea leuconoe) is known especially for its presence in butterfly greenhouses and live butterfly expositions. The Paper Kite is of Southeast Asian origin.

Idea leuconoe a.k.a Rice Paper, Paper Kite, or Tree Nymph of Southeast Asian origin. 


Morphos BlueMorphos Blue

Female Morphos Blue

Unidentified species.