Early December Colour

December 08, 2017
All week the tides have climbed to around 9.1 metres high. While photographing the backyard with the seawater encroaching behind these trees, I got distracted by the soft...
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4 O'Clock Walk Near the Harvest-Moon Trail

November 25, 2017
My evening walks are for thoughts and observing, not necessarily photographing, unless I have my phone on me and can't resist stopping to take in a still moment during lo...
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Poppy Rattles

November 18, 2017
Today I was making note of the native plant species along the old road by the beaver pond and adjacent flower patches. There's still so much colour and texture to be foun...
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Fall Abstract

October 26, 2017
Bulrushes reflected in our pond at deep dusk. I've just completed an intensive four-day workshop on abstract painting and composition and it seems to have seeped into my...
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High Noon at Wildflower

July 23, 2017
I'll often walk through the trails on my property and see a composition that feels just right even though the sun is overhead and searing and amplifying the lights and da...
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